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The 5 magic questions

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Who are you 2. What are you doing? 3. Who are you doing it for? 4. What do they get from you? 5. How do they change as a result of what you are doing? Studies show that people who easily can answer this questions are much more likely

The formula for HAPPINESS (and unhappiness)

-When your blueprints/ your core beliefs match and meet your expectations- That´s when you are happy and feel good inside. It´s quite simple when you think about it. OK, let me brake it down a little bit… and give you some advice how you can start working on those

3 powerful questions

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IF you are BRAVE and want to know what you truely want in life… you can ask yourself these questions Remember, when you ask yourself questions like this you need to FEEL them inside of you. You need to ask the questions like you really mean it and be