The formula for HAPPINESS (and unhappiness)

-When your blueprints/ your core beliefs match and meet your expectations-

That´s when you are happy and feel good inside. It´s quite simple when you think about it.
OK, let me brake it down a little bit… and give you some advice how you can start working on those areas in life that you might not feel happy about.

Question number 1: 
In what areas in your life are you happy and feel good about?
Is there any area you feel unhappy with?
(Be specific and explain to yourself why you feel happy/unhappy about it)

Are you happy about your work, your finances, your health, spirituality, your personal growth, relationships, where you live, how you are as a person…

Do you feel good about all areas or maybe just some areas?

If you are totally happy in ALL areas in life – congratulations! then your beliefs on how it should be and your expectations match!

Most of us though, have one or two areas that we want improve and don´t feel satisfied with. Maybe you feel like you are on your way and you are doing something about it… that is great! Progress towards our goals also makes us a lot more happier, even if we are quite not there yet.

Let me repeat: WHEN YOUR BLUEPRINT MATCH AND MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS ON HOW IT SHOULD BE –  then you feel GOOD and are happy about yourself and where you are in life. On the other hand – when they don´t match you will end up in PAIN and suffering. And of course the pain will be worse if you are really far from living the life you want to or think you should do. If you have many areas in your life that don´t match your core beliefs you will easily feel depressed and unhappy.

When you feel REAL SUFFER is when you don´t think you have the control to change it. When you feel helpless. We all get LOCKED sometimes and can´t see how it is possible to change the problem.

Your blueprint is a projection on what you think you need to be happy

For example if you don´t earn as much money as you think you should at this point in life and what you think you need to be happy you will maybe feel like you have failed and not succeeded in this area in life. Or if you don´t have that dream-relationship you always wanted, if you don´t have the job or the health you want… etc… That will of course make you less happy.

Sometimes we are not even aware of our core beliefs and blueprints, so we need to start there to be able to solve the problem. And what you think and want is totally unique. You need to listen to what YOU really want and think your life should be like.

We need to rewire what is going on inside of us. We need to face our fears and be honest to our selfs.

So, look for your blueprints. Can you change it in any direction? Can you change your life in any direction? What do you need to do to feel satisfied and to match your own expectations?

We have 3 options;

  1. Blame something, stay in the “recentment-mode” , no progress = PAIN
  2. Change your life , start progress
  3.  Change your blueprints! (When you have identified what your expectations really are, maybe you can reconsider, what is the blueprint coming from? is it yours or someone else´s? Does the pressure come from society? from your friends, family? In many cases you can actually change your beliefs on how it should be.

IF you really feel you are stuck and don´t feel you can do something about it, I hope you take help from someone professional – There is ALWAYS sullotions even if we don´t see them right now. Sometimes it helps just to give light to it –  talk with a friend or someone else you can trust.

With coaching and/or healing I am also here to help if your are stuck or need any kind of help.

//Love Linda