Master your brain. Don´t wait for motivation to come to you. Start ACT immediately.

The motivation almost never come when we really need it…. So don´t sit and wait for it!

Even if you know what´s good for you and what you should do, even if you know that you are going to feel great after you have accomplished something….you might NOT do it anyway. Why? Why is sometimes so simple things so hard to do? Why do we so easily hesitate and overthink?

We need to know some things about our brain to overcome procrastination and hesitation

When we start to think and feel …. we maybe don´t feel like doing this “thing” today. Maybe you had all the motivation yesterday and said to yourself that TOMORROW I will start my new life! but when the next day come…. where did the motivation go?  Today it´s not the right day, the right time, I can wait another day, another week. maybe next life 😉 There is so many moments every day when motivation is NOT there for you to help you. We need to find other strategies.

There are so many things every day that you ARE NOT GOING TO FEEL LIKE DOING!

We need to know that our mind is build to stop us, to protect us. Our brain starts to hesitate as soon as something feels a little bit tough, uncomfortable or hard. When we know that,  it´s much more easy to don´t listen to the thoughts and feelings that are popping up in our brain.

We only have a few seconds to act, before the brain kicks in and try to stop us. We need to learn how to master our brain and beat it before we start overthinking, hesitate and get more of the feeling that we don´t like to do it.

Here is some advice to master your brain, your day, your life;

You can start doing little things that has a huge impact like;

  • Go up immediately when the alarm clock rings in the morning! Be determined to start the day with action. (SO much more power in this than you might think). It´s also important to get enough sleep as well, so check your sleeping routines.
  • You need a clear mind at least the first hour after you woken up, so understand how important it is NOT TO check FB, instagram, mail, news or any other social media. You need the time to set your own goals and listen to what YOU have to say before you get overwhelmed by everybody else´s life and thoughts. You need some peace and quiet to create a great day in your mind before you go out and meet the world. It might be necessary to start your day earlier than you are used to.
  • Make your bed and clean up! ( you need a clean house to have a clear mind)

It´s also important to;

  • make daily routines, create new healthy habits, organize your life, your day
  • take control of your life by setting goals and intentions for every day that makes your day meaningful. Write down even your personal things and goals you have for the day, like workout, meditation, take a walk, go to the beach… what ever is important for you.
  • to grow as a person, to have a great life you need to understand that everything is not going to be easy. You need to push yourself more than you might think. You are going to HAVE TO DO things you really dislike too, things that is scary and uncertain.
  • Disciplin yourself to do the things you want and need to do even if you have a bad day. You need to do it anyway. Be unstoppable. Don´t do it another day. It´s the same for all of us, we all have to fight through tough days sometimes.
  • STOP thinking and start to take ACTION. We need to be quick and smart to fool our brain that so many times want to stop us from “danger” and hard work. When you know what to do and what your intentions for the day are, don´t let anything or anyone stop you (of course there are exceptions, but most of the time there is no good enough excuse)

SO, it´s all about making decisions, take control, take action, be committed, be disciplined, have self control, have a plan in life, create goals, know who you are and what you really want. Be determined and never give up. When hesitation comes you take control and you do what you know is good for you. You now know its just your brain trying to fool you and you wont listen to your stopping thoughts anymore. You know you can do anything you want. You have all the power, all the energy inside of you already.

Ask yourself the questions; am I practicing self disciplin every day?

or am I waiting to get the motivation and feeling for it?