Healing Online

You don´t need to see me in person, it works just the same on distance

First of all – everything is energy – we are all made of energy. You ARE energy – your thoughts, your feelings and so is everything else around you. Energy can never disappear but it can be changed and removed.


When something inside of us is imbalanced our body is going to tell us. Maybe it shows up as illness, physical or emotional pain in any kind. If we don´t “listen” to the signals and take care of the underlying reason to the problem, it will most likely get worse. Your body will continue giving you signs until you stop and listen.

I can help you to identity the real reasons, the underlying causes for the problem you have and release the energies that needs to be removed so your body can start the healing process.

To find the answers we need I use muscle testing at my own body and by the right questions I can get the answers in your subconscious mind. When the problem is identified I release that energy from your body.

You can meet me in person but it works just the same when I do the healing on distance. Where ever you are in the world I can connect with your energies, your subconscious mind, identify the problem and release it.

Please contact me if you have any questions and want to book a session with me.

// Linda